SAP Business One for Project industries

Target group: this CRM and ERP project software is both an Industry Solution and a Cross Industry Solution. Excellent for companies who fulfill their customer orders on a project basis. These can be ETO companies or companies in industries such as machine & equipment building, boat building and maritime, offshore, piping, engineering services, interior design, high-tech & electronics.

The advantages at a glance:
-  Complete ERP and CRM project industries solution
- Graphical project, resource & material planning software
- Project based material management software
- Easy to use (web) timesheet

- Direct insight into margin pre– and post-calculation
- Over 150,000 users work daily with SAP Business One
- Full integration with SAP Business One
- SAP Certified Solution

The solution:
- The ideal choice for project driven companies
- Completely integrated solution with a consistent user interface and one database
- Project, material & capacity planning software
- Fully functional logistics
- Pre-calculation and job costing
- Service and repair (MRO)
- Management software for inventory, accounting, CRM, time registration and invoice schedules
- Worldwide SAP Business One for Project industries is being used by over 400 companies
- Suits many different industries, e.g.
machine & equipment building, boat building and maritime,
  offshore, piping, engineering services, interior design, high-tech & electronics and

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Your benefits:
- Fast estimating and building plans (engineering software)
- Accurate budget vs. actual management software
- Gant chart for project planning makes assignment easy
- Capacity planning (allocation of departments, labor and machines)
- Accurate available-to-promise
- Just-in-time material planning and procurement
- Reliable deliveries
- Increasing project margins
- Milestone billing and down payment
- Web-based labor reporting
- Improving quality
- Less risk and less stress

- The ideal software for your project plan

For companies with external employees working on projects or service orders, Variatec offers a mobile Time, Material and Cost solution. Variatec BX Mobile TMC runs with MS-SQL and SAP-HANA, BX Project or BX MRO, on Windows and Android devices. Variatec BX Mobile TMC.

Small demonstrations of this ERP solution for Project Industries with specific topics:
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